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Antibacterial Handwash 475ml table top pump bottle

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The EcoHydra Antibacterial Handwash is a wet method for washing and disinfecting the hands and arms.

  • Kills 99.9999% of common bacteria
  • Effective against Norovirus and Coronaviruses
  • Like all our products – 100% Alcohol and Triclosan free, highly effective and kind to the skin
  • Removes dirt, kills germs and leaves hands feeling soft and supple
  • Non-toxic, not tested on animals, non-flammable and suitable for everyone
  • Also available as a Wall Dispenser Pack

Maximum of 2 for £3.50 postage cost


to EcoHydra - the home of a new a generation of skincare. We pride ourselves on our highly-effective, alcohol-free formulas which are kind to the skin whilst providing superior germ-killing results.Used in hospitals, homes, schools and space stations around the world.

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