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Police officer ‘stung’ by alcohol gel

Police officer ‘stung’ by alcohol gel

Policing the streets of Britain can be a tough and demanding job. But it seems that our bobbies still can’t let their guard down even when they return back to the office.

Freedom of Information requests recently revealed hundreds of bizarre office-related injuries that had been reported by officers, some resulting in compensation claims.

Among the hundreds of claims was a Norfolk Police officer who sustained severe stinging to the eyes after ‘inadvertently’ squirting alcohol hand sanitiser from a pump dispenser into their eyes.

Others include a foot injury after being ‘run over by an office chair’ and an officer who scalded themselves ‘whilst washing up in the kitchen area’.

While we are pretty sure these accidents only compelled the officers in question to reach for the accident book rather than a compensation form we are also sure they learnt a valuable lesson – ALCOHOL-FREE HAND SANITISER IS THE WAY FORWARD!