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It seems that men will shortly have no excuse for not washing their hands after visiting the bathroom.

A Latvian designer has created the most novel of toilets designed to improve male hand washing habits. STAND, by Kaspars Jursons, is designed to convince men to wash their hands whilst still standing in the same spot. The hygiene-promoting urinal features an inbuilt sink complete with motion sensor tap to cater for even the laziest of blokes.


But one can’t help wondering – is it really that hygienic to wash your hands in a toilet? Especially after a late one down the pub?

Jursons said 'If you did not have the habit of washing your hands after you go to the bathroom before, you will definitely be reminded now, when you are faced with a tap right at the urinal.'

It turns out that men all over the world need reminding to wash their hands. A recent study by environmental health experts at Michigan State University revealed that only 5% of Americans wash their hands properly. Unsurprisingly, men were the worst culprits, as only 50% splashed their hands under the tap, while 15% didn’t bother at all.


Not only does the design aim to improve hand washing habits but its eco thinking also aims to cut down on waste water. The designer – who has already received orders from across Europe for the £400 urinal – explained ‘It's not just a fancy piece of art. The idea is about function and consumption. You are washing your hands in the sink on top of the urinal, and the same water that's running down is also used to flush.’

It looks great, if a bit pricey, and men do need to pull up their hand washing socks. But ask yourself – would you wash your hands in a urinal?

Either way – it has to be more hygienic than this.

Written by PAUL WILSON — July 18, 2013


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