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EcoHydra hits UK High Street shelves!

EcoHydra hits UK High Street shelves!

Does your normal hand sanitiser leave your hands feeling rough and sore? Do your hands feel sticky after using it? Are you worried about using that alcohol gel on your children? Or that it may catch fire?

EcoHydra is different. EcoHydra’s alcohol-free formula is highly effective, quickly killing 99.9999% of all common bacteria.  This is between 100 and 1000 times more effective than other high street competitors!

It is kinder to the skin than typical alcohol-based products, with added Aloe Vera leaving hands supple and moisturised. It dries quickly without leaving a sticky residue and beingnon-toxic is therefore safe, even for children. It also offers a long awaited Shari’a compliant alternative to the standard alcohol-based sanitisers for individuals who feel unable to use alcohol based products.

EcoHydra, an innovative Instant Hand Sanitiser which quickly kills and prevents the spread of germs including Norovirus, SARS, Bird Flu and MRSA, will today (15/07/2013) become available to buy at larger Boots stores.

Jane Langston, a leading health practitioner who uses the product in her clinic, said ‘It continues to work after it has dried and leaves hands silky soft.  No more of that stinging alcohol gel that leaves you with dishpan hands! I've used it in clinic and it is brilliant.’

Clifton Melvin, Chairman of EcoHydra, stated ‘Typical alcohol-based products can be dangerous.  They are harmful to the skin and aren’t always that good at killing germs. We wanted to create a product that did it all – safe for everyone, soothes the skin and, most importantly, kills germs.’

The Instant Hand Sanitiser will be in larger Boots stores from today (15/07/2013). EcoHydra also supplies a liquid handwash that kills 99.9999% of all common bacteria.  Both this and the hand sanitiser are available to purchase here online.